Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Three Mistakes To Avoid While Writing A Personal Statement

Personal statements are written when the admission applications are written for admissions in the graduate schools. The test scores and the academic scores are the main parts of the graduate school admissions procedure. However,it is seen that it is not just the GRE scores and get stellar scores that are important or enough. There is much more that is required for admission in the graduate schools. It is important that your application stand out from the rest of the applications. One of the main easy with the help of which the successful admission can be scored is a crafted and a well-structured personal statement
One part of the admission procedure is the grades that have been gained. You need to rethink of all the hard work that you have done to maintain your grades, all the summer fun that you have missed and all the parties that have not attended. There is much that you have sacrificed to earn the grades.Thesegrades are your pride. You are not going to throw this all away by writing a weak personal statement. Thepersonalstatement is the main tool that defines the overall power of the admission that you will hold. The personal statement lets the admission department of thegraduate school know asto why they have to admit you. Here are some important things that are not to be done as you write your personal statement.

1. don’t get too creative

There is no need to get too creative in the personal statement. Makesure that all kinds of clichés are avoided in the statement. We have always heard d the cliché since the beginning of the school time. When the clichés are used, it seems less creative. Come up with new similes and phrases that are more interesting and show how you can effectively use phrases and words.

2. Don’t be redundant

One of the main mistakes that are made by the students in their personal statement is that theypay too much attention on the grades that they have earned. The admissions procedure includes the requirement of submission of the grades statements along with the admission package. The admission department already organizes the applications in accordance to the scores and the grades of the students. Thereby there is no need to repeat about your grades in your personal statements.

3. Use of hyperbole 

One of the main facts that need to be mentioned here is that the students should make sure that theyshow increased excitement in their personal statement. Thereby there is a need that any exaggerations are avoided in the personal statements. There is no need to mention in the statement that you aredesperateto get into thegraduate school.

These are some of the main mistakes that are to be avoided at all costs in the personal statements. Thesestatements simply play roles in irritating the professors and the admission staff.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Step By Step Guide To Write An Assignment That Gets An A+ For You

The students aim to assignment gets them an A+. This helps in aiming for more grades and much better parentage for the students in the end. There are many steps that can be taken by the students in order to make sure that A+ can be earned in assignment. But the following are some of the main step that can easily help the student in scoring an A+. 
1. Get to understand the topic of your assignment. Before starting off with the assignment, it is important that the topic is understood in a proper manner. As soon as the assignment is assigned by the professor., the student must take all his or her focus to the assignment. This is one of the most important and vital steps to help in getting higher scores.

2. The student needs to make sure that all the requirements of the assignment are read in a proper and a detailed manner. This will help in getting an idea as to what is required in the assignment. In addition this will also help the student in identifying some of the min areas that can create confusion for the student. When the requirements of the assignment are read on time, with the confusion highlighted and identified on time, the confusions can be removed and can be discussed with seniors or the professors.

3. The third important step is to look for the kind of data and literature that is required for the assignment. This may include some webpages or the assignment may be based on the calculation of the data. Thereby whatever the kind of data, it has ot be gathered and collected on time. It is the timey collection and gathering of data that helps in completing the assignment on time.

4. One of the most important step is the organization of the data. The data and the literature that has been collected and gathered is the one that has to be put together in a more organized shape. Once that is achieved, more than half of the assignment can be completed.

5. It is important that any literature or data that has been collected is original and has not been copied. No data or literature collected is to be copied. The assignment needs to contain important references as well as citations. These help in highlighting the source from where the information has been collected.

6. The final shape of the assignment is based on the final arrangement of the assignment that contains the references, the appendices, the citations, end notes and foot notes as well as the references.

7. These are some of the main steps that can help the student in getting a good grade in the assignment. When these steps are followed in the mentioned manner, there is no doubt that the good grade can be achieved in the assignment.