Giphy Launches a Library of More Than 2000 Gifs to Help People to Learn Sign Language

Giphy Launches a Library
Language barriers are a very common hurdle in communication. Knowing several common languages apart from your primary language helps in making communication easier. Languages are not just the spoken language; there are sign languages that are used by people having a hearing disorder or disability. Giphy has recently launched a series of gifs based on simple and easy to understand signs to help people understand and learn them easily. So turns out that gifs are not just there to say what words can’t say and, speaking the things out loud aren’t appropriate, gifs are also not limited to be used for funny things. Giphy seemed to have made the best use of sign language so far. Now you can learn a lot of things in the American Sign Language and not only learn it to be helpful around people with the hearing disability but add another language to your skills. Learning a language is always great and helpful and it does turn out to be useful at one point on the other.

Keeping that and a lot of other stuff in view, the way Giphy is helping with the learning is great. We have seen many methods of teaching back at our own school or colleges and they all revolve around a few things. When we talk about learning a new language and learning your primary language better the first approach we use is the LSRW which is Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. As you can see that this approach cannot work with the hearing disabled folks since the first thing here to improve and work on is listening, studying a new language which is sign language is a challenge for everyone and a necessity for the disabled. Teaching basic things from the sign language through gifs is nothing but a very brilliant idea. The loop strategy of the gif will play for infinite time, the simple hand gestures and face expressions are easy to learn with only a few repetitions and then there are the words written on the side telling which sign it is.

The loop helps in seeing and learning the sign in repetition and to understand the use. Tiny gifs do not use much of the data and their common use on social networking websites will have more people learn it and use it very effectively. This is the very purpose of creating this series, to make it easy to understand and use, gifs are to make it easy to share and easily use them in conversations and the gestures and the text beside will explain the gifs further easily. Sign language is now available to learn without any effort and the common use of these gifs will teach you common signs without even intentionally learning them. The gif being a repetitive short clip, the loop will help in seeing a gesture over and over again which will help in memorizing the word.

If you visit you will see a collection of gifs. The whole collection is divided into nine to ten sections in different categories. Each category helps you learn signs from different activities. There are categories for date, time and weather, expressions, emotions, lifestyle, sports, food and cooking, holidays, transport and travel, emergency and disaster, people and family and education. Each category has its gifs on display and they are on auto play. You can scroll through the gifs to find more of them and learn them. In the end of the page you will see all the gifs together. The website isn’t slow and exploring the gifs and these signs is fun. It is amazing how people with hearing disorder survive and speak using gestures and see gestures instead of hearing people talk. The website is very easy to browse and there is nothing you want to learn just some gestures waiting for you to learn and use them.

The interesting part about these gifs is that they are educational in every way and very convenient to learn and use. A survey showed up that firms including affordable dissertation related using gifs in their websites. The series of these gifs are actually the cut shots from full length videos from the educational series ‘Signs with Robert’ in video form. The gifs are a cut version of the videos and they play on loop repeating one sign each gif and the description of the gif can be seen beside Robert. The gifs created by Giphy are not limited to the use how we like to use them. They are made for a more powerful purpose which is to empower the deaf community and to motivate learning. The creators of Giphy wanted to see ways how gifs can be used to be more useful and how easily some concepts can be taught and gifts could be used for educational purposes too. So there is not restriction of not using these gifs for other purposes like we use them to add sass to the tweets but the main reason and objective remains to empower deaf people and help them learn sign language easily for an effective communication.

Giphy teamed up with the makers of ‘Signs with Robert’ and created 2000 gifs based on sigs out of the 30 episode educational show used in America to teach sign language. The people behind Giphy are working on more ways to make gifs helpful and educational and they are looking to add more words in the library based on popular user searches. According to the makers of the 2000 gifs based on ‘signs with Robert’ their biggest challenge was to make sure that the accuracy of the signs remains intact. Since the gifs do not have audios and it relies upon visuals only and since this is a learning aid, it must be accurate and it must be learned correctly for effective communication. If you are looking for a specific sign around the website, you can simply go to and type for example ‘Hello’ and the gif with hello with show up.
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