11 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors 2019

The requirements of SEO are changing day by day due to changing in the Google algorithms. So, we need to keep ourselves updated with the most recent trends and updates to stay in the ranking. After reading this guide, you will be able to know how to create a well-optimized and SEO friendly website that can appear on the first page of the search engines.

No doubt, it is hard for us to keep up with the latest developments in the Google algorithms, but if we want to get more traffic on our website, we have to do SEO. Without SEO, the search engines will never show your website in their search results and all of your efforts will be lost. In order to dominate search, we have to get an idea about the SEO ranking factors.

11 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors 2019

 Here, I am going to discuss the 11 most important SEO ranking factors in 2019 that you need to consider if you want to get your website on the 1st page of Gooogle.  

1) A secure and accessible website

The first and the most important SEO ranking factor is to select such URL for your website that is easily searched and crawled by Google. In other words, Google boots will feel it easy to visit your content and they can easily get an idea about the type of your content. For this reason, we should try to create a website with the help of a well-coded website builder, we should add robot.txt file and you should also add sitemap of your website.

2) Page speed

In the previous years, page speed wasn’t considered as a ranking factor for the Google bots but in 2019, it has also become one of the most important ranking factors. Its reason is that the main aim of Google is to improve the user experience of the visitors and fast loading web pages are fulfilling this aim of Google. According to search engine algorithms of Google, if your website is not loading fast on the mobile devices, your website will get a penalty from Google.

3) Mobile friendliness

Nowadays, most of the people are searching on Google via mobile phones than desktops. That’s why mobile friendliness is considered as a major SEO ranking factor for a website and Google optimizes the mobile-friendliness websites first. In order to make your website mobile friendly, your website should be responsive, the font size should be easily readable on the small screen and your website should be easily accessible for the readers. If you are running inertial ads on your website, you should make sure that the content of your website should not be hidden by these inertial ads.

4) Domain age, URL and authority

More than 60% of websites that are appearing on the first page of Google are at least three years old. Therefore, you should try to buy such domain which is at least three years old. There are also some situations in which domain name also plays an important role in SEO ranking but you should avoid exact-domain names because these exact-domain names can get a penalty from Google.

The authority of your website is also an essential SEO ranking factor for your website. Authority means that you have shared the best quality content on your website by giving some external and internal links and you have provided some inbound links and social signals to your website. Moz is providing some interesting information about a website by providing page authority and domain authority scores from 0 to 100. Open Site Explorer is also providing an essential platform to check the page authority and domain authority of a website.

5) Optimized content

Optimized content is known as a king in the SEO ranking factors. Its reason is that if you have strictly followed all the SEO ranking tips but you are failed to create the best quality content, you will never be able to rank your website.

You can easily create optimized content for your website by answering the question, by adding keywords, by including some headings and sub-headings, by targeting content to the keywords, by including some lists or tables and by ensuring relevancy. While sharing this optimized content on your website, you should also make sure that you have added some relevant pictures, GIFs and videos in your post.

6) Technical SEO

There are also some technical SEO tips that are helpful for a website to rank on the first page of Google. These tips are given below;

  • If you are going to search for anything on the Google, you just need to add a keyword on the search bar and Google will show hundreds of results against this keyword. Therefore, you should use keyword phrases in the title page. 
  • In order to show the hierarchy of the content, you should use h1, h2 and h3 tags.
  • You should add a meta description in each post. This meta description should be short and grabby. This meta description will also convince the readers to click on your post.
  • In order to show the relevancy of the images to your main content, you should use keyword phrases in images alt tags. Google will also show these images in their image search results and you will increase your traffic.
  • You should also use schema markup to tell Google which kind of content you are producing.

7) User experience

It is a fact that Google is using artificial intelligence in order to rank your website. According to this artificial intelligence, there are also some signals that can improve the ranking of your website. These signals are explained below;

  • First is known as click-through rate. Click through rate means how many times Google has shown your website on the search results and how many people have clicked on your web pages. In order to improve the CTR of your website, you should create interesting posts with eye-catching title and description.
  • Second is known as bounce rate. Bounce rate means that your website is failed to provide necessary information to the visitors. The bounce rate of your website should be very low. It is possible only if you have written enough and engaging content in your post. 
  • The third is known as Dwell time. Dwell time means how much time the viewers have spent after clicking on the link of your website. You should try to increase the Dwell time of your website with the help of creating engaging and interesting posts.

8) Links

It is a fact that the web is built on the links. Therefore, we can say that link building is known as the most important ranking factor for your website. There are three kinds of links. First is known as an inbound link. Inbound links mean those links that are linked from an external website to your website. Second, are known as outbound links. Outbound links are those links that are linked from your website to an external website. Third, are known as internal links. Internal links are those links that are linked from one post of your website to another post of your website. These links also play a vital role in the SEO ranking of your web page.

9) Social signals

Social signals are the best ways to increase the authenticity of your web page. Its reason is that if people are sharing your content on social platforms, it means that this content is valuable for the people. These social signals are not considered direct ranking factors for a web page. Anyhow, if you have provided lots of social signals to your web page, it will reach to lots of people and lots of people will visit your website. As a result, the ranking of your website will be increased.

10) Pages per session

Pages per session are considered as one of the most important ranking factors for a website in 2019. Pages per session mean that how compelling your website is and how is it easy for you to access your website. The minimum number of pages per session for a website is 2. If average pages per session are more than two, it means that your website is performing well and it will easily appear on the first page of Google. You can easily increase the average of pages per session by creating engaging content and by navigating your website in such a way that it is easily accessible for the readers.

11) Fix any broken links

There are some people who are using a website for hyperlinks, it is important for them to take an overview of the broken links. Its reason is that broken links can crush the SEO of your website. Moreover, when visitors click on this link, they show you an invalid website. You can easily check broken links of your website with the help of Dead Link Checker.


To sum up, we can say that if you are hoping to rank your website without taking care of these ranking factors, it means that you are in dreams. The most important ranking factors for your website are to create the best quality content, try to improve the page authority and domain authority of your website, add some internal and external backlinks, share your content on the social media sites and fix the broken links to your website.

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