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The specific identity or feeling that belongs to a specific group is known as a cultural identity. Cultural identity is known as the main part of self-conception or self-preparation of a person. In other words, we can say that cultural identity belongs to a specific social group which has its own distinct culture. In the cultural identity, we have to take an overview of lots of things of a social group like their ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation and language etc. Some essential tips by dissertation writing service, to write an essay on cultural identity are given below; 

1) Choose the type of essay

The first step to write an essay on cultural identity is to choose the type of essay. For example, if you want to provide straightforward information about a specific topic, you should choose a narrative essay type. If you want to explain a specific aspect of culture, a descriptive essay type is the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you want to compare or contrast two cultures or two aspects of a specific culture, you should adopt compare and contrast essay type. After choosing the type of essay, you will be in a better position to create unique and original content for your essay. 

2) Brainstorm

After choosing the type of essay, you should select an interesting and intriguing topic idea for your essay and try to brainstorm the ideas. Some essential tips to brainstorm ideas before writing cultural identity essay are to write down all the ideas that come to your mind relevant to this essay topic, you should choose clustering and mind mapping to brainstorm the ideas and you should recognize connections between different facets of your topic. After brainstorming enough points about an essay topic, you will be in a better position to write your essay fluently. 

3) Research the topic

Brainstorming is not enough to create the best quality content for your cultural identity essay. In order to create more authentic content for your cultural identity essay, you should read out the data from different sources. You should visit your college or university library and find out the best books relevant to your topic idea. For more information, you can also get help from the internet. Its reason is that the internet is a wide source of information. While gathering data from these sources, you should make sure that these sources should be authentic. 

4) Write the essay

Now, it’s time to commence the actual cultural identity essay writing task. Its reason is that till now, you have devised the best outline to write your essay and you can easily compose the best quality content for your essay just by filling this outline. While writing cultural identity essay, you should make sure that your content should be cohesive and clear. After completing a cultural identity essay writing task, you should revise it for clarity, consistency and structure. Your essay should also be free from grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Like other essays, your cultural identity essay should also consist of five paragraphs and these five paragraphs should be divided into three sections introduction, body and conclusion.

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