A VR Art Studio That Will Help You to Collaborate with Anyone in Real

VR Art Studio
VR, the short form for virtual reality is a very exciting and immersive experience in which the users’ head movements are tracked in a three dimensional world that make it very suitable for games and movies. Within a very short time, VR has become popular among users as it offers them a chance to enjoy 3D experience without actually going out of their homes to cinemas and other avenues. VR is set to bring a golden age to the world be it entertainment industry or the travel industry not to forget the home users. Virtual reality is taking hold of everything and users will now be able to enjoy better experience. In the same way, VR art studies are attracting people as it will help them collaborate with anyone in real and make it a really amazing experience for everyone. Whether it is art galleries or the internet users, all will be able to enjoy art better as virtual reality adds more to what they are seeing and makes it more exciting.

As per discussed by a writer of a dissertation writing service, the headset set-up is being used by Oculus, Sony, HTC, Samsung and Google, and usually requires a PC, a consoler or a smartphone to run the application or the game that the users wish to use or a VR headset that secures the display in front of the eyes. Some kind of input is also needed such as head tracking, controllers, hand tracking, voice, on-device buttons or trackpads that make it easy for users to view the content and control it too. It is not only the concept of what VR technology is all about but total immersion in what it is and the experience that it offers that makes us forget everything and just enjoy what we are seeing. Thanks to the new internal creation tool Quill, by Oculus, art does not have to be an end product and it is fast becoming the best friend of people who love to paint or connect with others using this medium.

With help of Quill, illustrators can now draw in virtual reality and let the audience see what they are creating and bring them to life stroke by stroke. Quill works almost the same way as Tilt Brush, the VR painting app which Google has acquired. Using Oculus’ Touch controllers and motion cameras, the users can make use of different brushes and colors, swing their hands through the air, and each flourish appears instantly within the 3D canvas which looks really exciting. Right now oculus does not have any plans to this tool available to public as only its illustrators will be using it for now and they will be coming up with really good stuff from the VR art studio that will help them give a new dimension to art.

As VR art is making its way to various phases of our lives, it is also infiltrating the art galleries in various parts of the worlds. New artists are also very excited about their unusual new exhibits that help them display their VR art. It is now only a matter of time until virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus are released to the exciting and anticipating crowds of tech-fans. It would not be wrong to say that virtual reality is taking a strong hold on the art scene and it is expected that it will bring entirely new visual experienced to art galleries all over the world especially in the UK. When they were sought for statements, the three emerging VR artists from London about why they have preferred this medium to display their art, and what art lovers can expect from their latest installations, they expressed their excitement and said that while it might not seem something earth shattering, it will become extraordinary once the viewers place the Oculus headset and begin viewing what it has to offer.

The participants are encouraged to interact with the objects they are viewing, they will learn to interact with it so that they can discover its various aspects and enjoy what it has to offer in terms of landscape and colors. It should not be surprising for us to learn that many VR artists have already made way in this field and they are trying to come up with new ways to use this new technology and incorporate in their art ways. According to the artists, it was just like seeing the future with help of the VR headsets that promoted them to come this way and experiment how things can work. Many of the artists who are now experimenting with VR art have been working in video gaming industry and they understand how their experience can sad to better art forms.

These artists explain that they take the techniques and technology from games and apply them to other sectors so that it retains the playfulness and interactivity of gaming and the results are just amazing. These artists say that mixing virtual reality with music is something that they will continue working with in the long run as VR is the most interesting part of the project and it will just move things forward. They say that everything works better with a friend and working in VR art studio that helps to collaborate with anyone in real time is indeed an amazing experience.

With the multiplayer experiences in virtual reality, technology has excelled itself. Aspiring and professional artists can come together to design complex 3D artworks and models together without disrupting one another as they can work on various artistic projects in real-time from anywhere across the globe. They just require an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset and they can join together in immersive digital environments and chat with one another as they sculpt, paint and plan their unique masterpieces. As things become more clear and technology makes way for great design, VR art studio will become a popular concept that common man would be able to fully enjoy.
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