What Are Elements of Nonverbal Communication?


Nonverbal communication is the way of transmission of messages through eye contact, gestures and facial expressions etc. By using this manual language, you will have to send and receive messages without using words. There are lots of benefits of nonverbal communication. By using this communication method, you can easily complement a verbal message. The people can also use it for easy presentation of the information. We can also use it for accent. It means that we have to use it to indicate the actual meaning of the specific words. If you will have to convey your message to illiterate people, you will have to use this communication method. Here, we will discuss the elements of nonverbal communication.

Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are the most common and widely used element of nonverbal communication. By using a human face, we can make more than 10,000 expressions. With the help of these expressions, we can easily attribute the information. Smiling, blinking and eyebrow frowning are the most common facial expressions to convey information. For example, if you want to welcome a person and want to spend enough time with him, you should meet him with a smiling face. Similarly, if you want to ignore someone, you can make an angry face. In some time, you will have to provide some indications to the people. Under such a situation, you can make use of eye wrinkling.

Body Movements

You can also convey the message through nonverbal communication by using body movements. The CEO of an assignment writing services said that in body movements, there come some common practices like handshaking, nodding and other hand gestures etc. By using body movements, we can also convey excitement and enthusiasm. It is also the best way to last long-lasting impacts on the audience. We may always remember the person who uses hand movements to convey a message. When we use body movements to convey a message, we can also overcome the problems of anxiety and nervousness. For example, if you are not using your hands to convey a message, you may use them to touch your face or other body parts. This thing will not last a good impression on the audience.


If you want to last a strong impression on the audience, you will have to use this critical element of nonverbal communication. For example, you can convey different messages by standing or sitting. If you want to convey the message of confidence and strength, you will have to stand with your back straight. On other hand, if you are slouched or facing the floor, you are conveying the message of weakness or uncertainty. In some cases, you will have to express friendliness and positivity; you will have to maintain an open posture. To relax your facial expressions, you should try to keep your head raised.

Eye Contact

In some cases, you will have to build a rapport with strangers. Under such a situation, you will have to use this element of nonverbal communication. By maintaining eye contact during communication, you can convey the messages of interest, involvement and intention. On the other hand, if you will fall your eyes, you can convey the messages of disinterest and rude. Anyhow, while maintaining eye contact with others, you should not be more aggressive. According to experts, if you want to maintain healthy eye contact, you have to look semi-randomly near the eyes.


The parents who have small children may familiar with this element of nonverbal communication. To affect the message, we have to change the aspects of the voice. The opposites will know what is being presented. If you want to use less paralanguage, you will have to make changes in the speed, volume and pitch of the language. The salesmen have to use this technique to convince the customers. Sometimes, we have to speak quickly to convey the message. Here, we should speak clearly and loud. It means that the opposite should clearly understand our message.


Touch is also an important element of nonverbal communication. We can deliver a wide range of messages by using this element. For example, if we want to show rudeness, we can make a weak handshake. If we want to provide strong feelings to the people, we have to give a warm bear hug. We can also convey different messages through other touches. If we want to convey the message of strong feelings, we can make a controlling grip on the arm. To welcome a person, we can patronize pat on the head.


We can also use physical space to convey various nonverbal communication messages. For communication, we require physical space. The need and requirements of this space may vary on the culture and situation. In some cases, these requirements may also vary based on the closeness of the relationships. That's why we can easily use the physical space for nonverbal communication. We can use it to convey the messages of aggression, affection and dominance etc.


No doubt, it is also an element of nonverbal communication. Its reason is that we have to consider how to say instead of what to say. Its reason is that when you will speak to the audience, other people will also note your voice along with listening to your words. For this reason, they may consider lots of things. For example, they can note time and space. You will have to make the best use of loud and slow voices. The manager of the law essay writing services company said that You should also learn the best use of tone and inflexion of the words. The sounds of the words should also be understandable for the audience. You should give a clear message of anger, confidence and affection with the help of voice.


If you are sending and receiving messages without using words, it is nonverbal communication. You can use it to emphasize the verbal parts of communication. We can use it for the easy presentation of the information. In some cases, our messages are blocked by noises or some other reasons. It is also helpful for us to convey messages in these situations. There are various elements of nonverbal communication. The most important elements are facial expressions, body language, paralanguage and voice etc. By using these elements, we can easily convey messages.
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