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9 Common Habits of Richest People That Will Inspire You

In order to become millionaire, you will have to get an idea of how to earn more and more money and how to keep a balance in your professional and personal life. An experienced writer from a dissertation help provider company has discussed about some common habits of millionaires in this blog post.

if you want to get success in your life, it is necessary for you to set your own goals rather than working on the other’s goals.
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To build wealth, you will have to take some smart decisions about your professional as well as financial life. Tom Corley is a famous accountant and financial planner. In his survey, he conducted interviews with almost 233 millionaires in order to get an idea about their daily habits. After collecting data with the help of the answers of these millionaires, he also compared this data with the data of those persons who have low incomes. At last, he concluded that the richest people have some common habits. These habits are explained below;

1) They get up early

According to Corley, most of the millionaires get up early in the morning. They get up almost two to three hours before starting the actual office work. After getting up early in the morning, they try to spend time tackling their personal projects or making a plan for the whole day. According to a writer, if you get up early in the morning, it means that you have enough control over your life and you are in the best position to direct your life.

2) They are good readers

Reading is one of the most important ways to educate you or to bring some improvements to your lifestyle. According to the research of Corley, lots of millionaires try to educate themselves and try to improve their lives by spending at least 30 minutes a day in reading different books and other material. According to science, if you are also reading for pleasure, it means that you are in the best position to boost up your career.

3) They spend some time in a day on focused thinking

In the business, you will have to face lots of stress situations and focused thinking is the best way to get rid of this stress. Morning is the best time to focus on different things like your professional and social life. According to Corley, most of the millionaires also spend at least 15 to 30 minutes on focused thinking in the morning. Due to this focused thinking, they are able to make the right decisions about their personal and professional issues.

4) They do exercise on a daily basis

The millionaires believe in this proverb that a sound body has a sound mind. If you are spending lots of time at work and you don’t have enough time for exercise and other social activities, your body will not be sound. According to Corley, most of the millionaires try to spend at least 30 times in a day on taking exercise.

5) They enjoy the company of those people who inspire them

As we know that successful people have set their goals of life. In order to achieve these goals, they have to get inspirations from other people. That’s why most of the millionaires try to spend their time with those people who are inspiring for them. These people can be their business competitors or their employees.

6) They pursue their own goals

As we have discussed earlier that all the millionaires have some goals in their life. Their main goals are to earn more and more money. In order to achieve these goals, they try to make short-term as well as long-term plans. According to Corley, if you want to get success in your life, it is necessary for you to set your own goals rather than working on the other’s goals.

7) They get enough sleep

If you want to perform your duties actively, you should ensure that you have spent enough time enjoying the sound sleep. The millionaires try to spend at least seven to eight hours in enjoying the sound sleep. On the other hand, famous scientist Albert Einstein spent ten hours enjoying the sound sleep.

8) They try to earn income via multiple means

These millionaires don’t rely on a single source of income. Most of the millionaires have at least three sources of income. Along with their main businesses, they also try to earn some money with the help of some side-businesses.

9) They avoid time wasters

As we know that this is an era of digital technology and lots of time-wasting websites, apps and technologies are available. According to Corley, millionaires hate these time wasters and they try to spend their free time reading books or taking exercise.


In order to become millionaire, you will have to get an idea of how to earn more and more money and how to keep a balance in your professional and personal life. For this reason, most of the millionaires have adopted some essential habits. Some common habits of millionaires are that they get up early in the morning, they spend time in reading, they spend time on focused thinking, they spend time taking exercise, they enjoy the company of inspiring persons, they spend enough hours in enjoying sound sleep, they have multiple means of income and they don’t try to waste their time.


Tom Corley(2018) Author who studies self-made millionaires: This is the real secret to success Accessed at

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11 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors 2019

The requirements of SEO are changing day by day due to changing in the Google algorithms. So, we need to keep ourselves updated with the most recent trends and updates to stay in the ranking. After reading this guide, you will be able to know how to create a well-optimized and SEO friendly website that can appear on the first page of the search engines.

No doubt, it is hard for us to keep up with the latest developments in the Google algorithms, but if we want to get more traffic on our website, we have to do SEO. Without SEO, the search engines will never show your website in their search results and all of your efforts will be lost. In order to dominate search, we have to get an idea about the SEO ranking factors.

11 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors 2019

 Here, I am going to discuss the 11 most important SEO ranking factors in 2019 that you need to consider if you want to get your website on the 1st page of Gooogle.  

1) A secure and accessible website

The first and the most important SEO ranking factor is to select such URL for your website that is easily searched and crawled by Google. In other words, Google boots will feel it easy to visit your content and they can easily get an idea about the type of your content. For this reason, we should try to create a website with the help of a well-coded website builder, we should add robot.txt file and you should also add sitemap of your website.

2) Page speed

In the previous years, page speed wasn’t considered as a ranking factor for the Google bots but in 2019, it has also become one of the most important ranking factors. Its reason is that the main aim of Google is to improve the user experience of the visitors and fast loading web pages are fulfilling this aim of Google. According to search engine algorithms of Google, if your website is not loading fast on the mobile devices, your website will get a penalty from Google.

3) Mobile friendliness

Nowadays, most of the people are searching on Google via mobile phones than desktops. That’s why mobile friendliness is considered as a major SEO ranking factor for a website and Google optimizes the mobile-friendliness websites first. In order to make your website mobile friendly, your website should be responsive, the font size should be easily readable on the small screen and your website should be easily accessible for the readers. If you are running inertial ads on your website, you should make sure that the content of your website should not be hidden by these inertial ads.

4) Domain age, URL and authority

More than 60% of websites that are appearing on the first page of Google are at least three years old. Therefore, you should try to buy such domain which is at least three years old. There are also some situations in which domain name also plays an important role in SEO ranking but you should avoid exact-domain names because these exact-domain names can get a penalty from Google.

The authority of your website is also an essential SEO ranking factor for your website. Authority means that you have shared the best quality content on your website by giving some external and internal links and you have provided some inbound links and social signals to your website. Moz is providing some interesting information about a website by providing page authority and domain authority scores from 0 to 100. Open Site Explorer is also providing an essential platform to check the page authority and domain authority of a website.

5) Optimized content

Optimized content is known as a king in the SEO ranking factors. Its reason is that if you have strictly followed all the SEO ranking tips but you are failed to create the best quality content, you will never be able to rank your website.

You can easily create optimized content for your website by answering the question, by adding keywords, by including some headings and sub-headings, by targeting content to the keywords, by including some lists or tables and by ensuring relevancy. While sharing this optimized content on your website, you should also make sure that you have added some relevant pictures, GIFs and videos in your post.

6) Technical SEO

There are also some technical SEO tips that are helpful for a website to rank on the first page of Google. These tips are given below;

  • If you are going to search for anything on the Google, you just need to add a keyword on the search bar and Google will show hundreds of results against this keyword. Therefore, you should use keyword phrases in the title page. 
  • In order to show the hierarchy of the content, you should use h1, h2 and h3 tags.
  • You should add a meta description in each post. This meta description should be short and grabby. This meta description will also convince the readers to click on your post.
  • In order to show the relevancy of the images to your main content, you should use keyword phrases in images alt tags. Google will also show these images in their image search results and you will increase your traffic.
  • You should also use schema markup to tell Google which kind of content you are producing.

7) User experience

It is a fact that Google is using artificial intelligence in order to rank your website. According to this artificial intelligence, there are also some signals that can improve the ranking of your website. These signals are explained below;

  • First is known as click-through rate. Click through rate means how many times Google has shown your website on the search results and how many people have clicked on your web pages. In order to improve the CTR of your website, you should create interesting posts with eye-catching title and description.
  • Second is known as bounce rate. Bounce rate means that your website is failed to provide necessary information to the visitors. The bounce rate of your website should be very low. It is possible only if you have written enough and engaging content in your post. 
  • The third is known as Dwell time. Dwell time means how much time the viewers have spent after clicking on the link of your website. You should try to increase the Dwell time of your website with the help of creating engaging and interesting posts.

8) Links

It is a fact that the web is built on the links. Therefore, we can say that link building is known as the most important ranking factor for your website. There are three kinds of links. First is known as an inbound link. Inbound links mean those links that are linked from an external website to your website. Second, are known as outbound links. Outbound links are those links that are linked from your website to an external website. Third, are known as internal links. Internal links are those links that are linked from one post of your website to another post of your website. These links also play a vital role in the SEO ranking of your web page.

9) Social signals

Social signals are the best ways to increase the authenticity of your web page. Its reason is that if people are sharing your content on social platforms, it means that this content is valuable for the people. These social signals are not considered direct ranking factors for a web page. Anyhow, if you have provided lots of social signals to your web page, it will reach to lots of people and lots of people will visit your website. As a result, the ranking of your website will be increased.

10) Pages per session

Pages per session are considered as one of the most important ranking factors for a website in 2019. Pages per session mean that how compelling your website is and how is it easy for you to access your website. The minimum number of pages per session for a website is 2. If average pages per session are more than two, it means that your website is performing well and it will easily appear on the first page of Google. You can easily increase the average of pages per session by creating engaging content and by navigating your website in such a way that it is easily accessible for the readers.

11) Fix any broken links

There are some people who are using a website for hyperlinks, it is important for them to take an overview of the broken links. Its reason is that broken links can crush the SEO of your website. Moreover, when visitors click on this link, they show you an invalid website. You can easily check broken links of your website with the help of Dead Link Checker.


To sum up, we can say that if you are hoping to rank your website without taking care of these ranking factors, it means that you are in dreams. The most important ranking factors for your website are to create the best quality content, try to improve the page authority and domain authority of your website, add some internal and external backlinks, share your content on the social media sites and fix the broken links to your website.

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Giphy Launches a Library of More Than 2000 Gifs to Help People to Learn Sign Language

Giphy Launches a Library
Language barriers are a very common hurdle in communication. Knowing several common languages apart from your primary language helps in making communication easier. Languages are not just the spoken language; there are sign languages that are used by people having a hearing disorder or disability. Giphy has recently launched a series of gifs based on simple and easy to understand signs to help people understand and learn them easily. So turns out that gifs are not just there to say what words can’t say and, speaking the things out loud aren’t appropriate, gifs are also not limited to be used for funny things. Giphy seemed to have made the best use of sign language so far. Now you can learn a lot of things in the American Sign Language and not only learn it to be helpful around people with the hearing disability but add another language to your skills. Learning a language is always great and helpful and it does turn out to be useful at one point on the other.

Keeping that and a lot of other stuff in view, the way Giphy is helping with the learning is great. We have seen many methods of teaching back at our own school or colleges and they all revolve around a few things. When we talk about learning a new language and learning your primary language better the first approach we use is the LSRW which is Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. As you can see that this approach cannot work with the hearing disabled folks since the first thing here to improve and work on is listening, studying a new language which is sign language is a challenge for everyone and a necessity for the disabled. Teaching basic things from the sign language through gifs is nothing but a very brilliant idea. The loop strategy of the gif will play for infinite time, the simple hand gestures and face expressions are easy to learn with only a few repetitions and then there are the words written on the side telling which sign it is.

The loop helps in seeing and learning the sign in repetition and to understand the use. Tiny gifs do not use much of the data and their common use on social networking websites will have more people learn it and use it very effectively. This is the very purpose of creating this series, to make it easy to understand and use, gifs are to make it easy to share and easily use them in conversations and the gestures and the text beside will explain the gifs further easily. Sign language is now available to learn without any effort and the common use of these gifs will teach you common signs without even intentionally learning them. The gif being a repetitive short clip, the loop will help in seeing a gesture over and over again which will help in memorizing the word.

If you visit you will see a collection of gifs. The whole collection is divided into nine to ten sections in different categories. Each category helps you learn signs from different activities. There are categories for date, time and weather, expressions, emotions, lifestyle, sports, food and cooking, holidays, transport and travel, emergency and disaster, people and family and education. Each category has its gifs on display and they are on auto play. You can scroll through the gifs to find more of them and learn them. In the end of the page you will see all the gifs together. The website isn’t slow and exploring the gifs and these signs is fun. It is amazing how people with hearing disorder survive and speak using gestures and see gestures instead of hearing people talk. The website is very easy to browse and there is nothing you want to learn just some gestures waiting for you to learn and use them.

The interesting part about these gifs is that they are educational in every way and very convenient to learn and use. A survey showed up that firms including affordable dissertation related using gifs in their websites. The series of these gifs are actually the cut shots from full length videos from the educational series ‘Signs with Robert’ in video form. The gifs are a cut version of the videos and they play on loop repeating one sign each gif and the description of the gif can be seen beside Robert. The gifs created by Giphy are not limited to the use how we like to use them. They are made for a more powerful purpose which is to empower the deaf community and to motivate learning. The creators of Giphy wanted to see ways how gifs can be used to be more useful and how easily some concepts can be taught and gifts could be used for educational purposes too. So there is not restriction of not using these gifs for other purposes like we use them to add sass to the tweets but the main reason and objective remains to empower deaf people and help them learn sign language easily for an effective communication.

Giphy teamed up with the makers of ‘Signs with Robert’ and created 2000 gifs based on sigs out of the 30 episode educational show used in America to teach sign language. The people behind Giphy are working on more ways to make gifs helpful and educational and they are looking to add more words in the library based on popular user searches. According to the makers of the 2000 gifs based on ‘signs with Robert’ their biggest challenge was to make sure that the accuracy of the signs remains intact. Since the gifs do not have audios and it relies upon visuals only and since this is a learning aid, it must be accurate and it must be learned correctly for effective communication. If you are looking for a specific sign around the website, you can simply go to and type for example ‘Hello’ and the gif with hello with show up.

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How to Find a Competent Writer

How to Find Competent Writer
A research paper requires investing efforts and times of students in order to provide an informative and relevant research paper to be validated and accepted by the university or college. The paper should be based on its originality because when it comes to research paper, plagiarism is found to be a common problem with regard to publication and research writing in numerous journals published by some reliable dissertation writing service. Students often tend to pick the information and ideas from past research papers and therefore knotted in issues of copyright that may leave out a mark on their credibility and reputation.

However, many students find it challenging and difficult to write a complete research paper on their own. Many students are competent to write the research paper but lack of time do not allow them to write effectively at their own. Many of them are not competent and they do not have any desire to work on their own for learning, but they have to complete the research paper by hiring cheap dissertation writing service providers, as it is the most important part of the academic career. The incompetent students also need higher grades in their final research paper, but their incompetence does not allow them to write on their own. There is help available for those students who are incompetent and those who do not have time for completing their research paper. The help is available for them in the form of professional and expert thesis writers who can be found online to get your research paper done on specified time.

Therefore, students are required to look for expert and professional writer of research paper who has expertise and knowledge on the specified subject assigned by the teachers. Sincere considerations should be given to the qualification of writer while selecting your research paper writer in order to ensure that he/she can be trusted with the responsibility of completing a well written and valid research paper. The research paper should be based on quality work, i.e. error free and non-plagiarized with regard the information required through the research paper.

Consequently, writing a research paper requires the reflection of writer’s potential with regard to his/her belief to produce valuable research paper with the credentials and the merits of the writer who has lent his effort and time to start this research. Online research, writing services are helpful for students where they can question and chat with the writers in terms of their knowledge, expertise and qualifications to ensure their expertise in writing a research paper.

Tutor sites are also helpful where you can experience a complete session with the tutor. You can request them to write a research paper for you as well. Web sites and university libraries also have some volunteers’ seniors, teachers who offer to write a research paper in order to help students and earn money. Experts in online forums can also be a good choice to select a writer of research papers. Moreover, part time tutors who run their websites independently can also help in this task of selection of writers.

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Is Current Academic Grading Helpful In Performance?

Academic Grading
Grading in the education system is the process of applying standardized measurement of various levels in a course. Grading can be assigned through letters and percentage of total numbers. If you are unable to write an essay about academic grading, then you should get help from the professional writers of coursework writing services.

Most people think that current academic grading is helpful for all the students in order to improve their performance. However, it is an opportunity for the student to improve their position and increase their grades. Let us argue that current academic grading is helpful for students or not. Basically, grading is very useful for the student in order to comprehend a topic very easily. It leads to the student to take steps towards considerate a basic thing rather than reading the concept. Academic grading means that a student is able to pay attention to his or her work.

Basically, it is accepted that a student can be a bad test taker. Most students get poor results, because, they are unable to comprehend the test clearly. According to modern research, most students get lower marks, because, they have no ability to understand the question properly. It is most important that student should understand the topic as well as question very clearly in order to gain high grades. If some students are bad test taker, then the students can learn how to improve their position with grading. Therefore, the grading system is very useful for all the students in order to improve their position in the class.

Grading and test can prepare for the student to revise more order to understand the concept. Grades can manage the results of the students, because, they provide an opportunity to improve their performance. Therefore, we can say that it is beneficial for the student in order to clear his or her concept about any topic. Revision is very good things, therefore, grading can improve your habit of revisions. However, it is common problem that testing and grading want to improve their reputation in the schools and colleges. Therefore, they have no focus on the students ’performance.

Grading is useful for the student, because, it provides the basic information about their course and helps them in order to improve their grades. A teacher is able to look at the performance of the student and engage her attention towards better performance. Basically, grades are the best for getting more knowledge. It is an indicator for the students and tells his or her their grades. It also informs them what they did in their exams. If a student fails in the test, then he has an opportunity to improve their position. It leads to better potions with the method of revisions. A student may able to make a revision time table for his or her study. In the conclusions, we can say that the current academic system is very helpful for all the students in order to improve their performance and get better results.

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How To Deal With Social Anxiety?

Social Anxiety
A condition of showing nervousness in social situations is known as social anxiety. Due to social anxiety, a person can face some disorders. Common disorders due to social anxiety are mood disorders and substance use disorders. Due to social anxiety, we can also observe some eating disorders among people. Social anxiety can also disturb the facial expressions of a person. The persons who are facing social anxiety problems often feel uncomfortable and nervous. Here, experts of coursework writing services will discuss some essential tips to deal with social anxiety.

Recognize Social Anxiety: The first step to deal with social anxiety is to recognize the social anxiety. For this reason, firstly, one should understand the symptoms of social anxiety. Some common symptoms of social anxiety are excessive self-consciousness, extreme worry, avoiding social situations and fear of humiliation. Secondly, one should take an overview of the physical symptoms due to social anxiety. Some common physical symptoms of social anxiety are blushing, sweating and faint etc. Thirdly, a person should get an idea about the triggers of social anxiety. Fourthly, a person should make a list of all the situations that he commonly avoids.

Tackling Fears Making a List Method: After recognizing the social anxiety, the next step is to prepare a list to tackle these fears. Firstly, a person should build enough confidence in order to face these fears. Secondly, a person should get rid of all the situations which are triggering social anxiety. Thirdly, a person should try to tackle the list of the situations that he commonly avoids. The best way to tackle this list is to tackle one item of the list in a week.

Practicing Social Anxiety Skills: Most of the people face social anxiety issues because they don’t practice those skills which are helpful for them to overcome social anxiety problems. For this reason, firstly, they should try some relaxation techniques. Secondly, they should use some breathing techniques. In these breathing techniques, there come deeply inhale and slowly exhale. Thirdly, they should try to listen to some pump up songs. The best pump up songs to listen is a line of poetry, prayer or mantra. Fourthly, they should also take care of their diet. There is no need to take caffeine and nicotine. Its reason is that caffeine and nicotine are triggers for anxiety. They should eat fruits, vegetables and other healthy diets.

Changing Your Mentality: There are some people who adopt such mental habits which can become the cause of social anxiety. In order to overcome social anxiety, they should change their minds. For this reason, they should identify their negative thoughts and try to avoid mind reading and fortune telling. After identifying negative thoughts, they should also try to challenge these negative thoughts. After that, they should try to use positive affirmations. These positive affirmations provide happiness. They should also try to provide less importance to the response of others. Its reason is that if they provide enough importance to the other’s response, they will not be able to keep themselves happy.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Why More Women Prefer Staying Single?

It is a fact that a person can enjoy lots of benefits in a relationship. On the other hand, some studies have shown that there are also some positive impacts of being single on the health. Mostly, the women try to stay single than men. Its reason is that being single; they have a larger support system than in a relationship. Moreover, they can also make their own schedule without the influence of others. On the other hand, in a relationship, they have to face some restrictions. Here, experts in masters dissertation writing services will discuss why more women prefer staying single.

1) There are some women who think that they deserve an amazing guy. That’s why they refuse most of the men because they are not according to their standards. As a result, they are not able to find a perfect guy according to their desires and they prefer to stay single rather than in a relationship.

2) It is a fact that in a relationship, there are some restrictions on a woman from her husband. There are some women who desire to do such things which they want and when they want without the influence of anyone else. With the urge of this kind of freedom, they prefer to stay single rather than in a relationship.

3) There are also some women who are natural risk takers and they have thrilled to live on the edge than huddling away in ordinary life. They think that in a relationship, they will not be able to get permission from his husband to do these kinds of acts. Therefore, they try to stay single.

4) There are also some women who think that they are the unique nature of this universe and there exists no perfect couple for them. That’s why they prefer to stay single.

5) There are also some women who feel excitement and love in the company of new people rather than spending the whole life with a single person. Therefore, they prefer to become the girlfriends of boys rather than their wives.

6) Some working women don’t try to share their earnings with anyone else. In a relationship, things become 50/50 and before spending something on themselves, they have to take care of their partners. The women who don’t bear it try to stay single rather than in a relationship.

7) Some women try to enjoy their lives according to their own plan without the influence of others. They think that in a relationship, their freedom will be finished and they have to work according to the plans of their husbands. By keeping this fear in the mind, they prefer to stay single rather than in a relationship.

8) Being in a relationship, it is necessary for a woman to share the problems of her husband. There are some women who think that they have their own problems and they don’t have enough time to resolve other people’s problems. As a result, they also try to stay single.

9) Some women think that they are already in a relationship with themselves and they don’t require a further relationship.

10) Some women think that they have to face more financial stress in a relationship than being single.